Out-of-the Box Inventory Intelligence Solution


TrueVUE® EXPRESS is an out-of-thebox Inventory Intelligence solution designed for small to mid-sized retailers

This solution is an efficient, affordable and easy-to-deploy way to start reaping benefits of RFID implementation, such as helping improve inventory accuracy, enable faster back-to-front replenishment, enhance operating efficiency and increase sales. TrueVUE® EXPRESS requires the following operational components: 

• Bluebird mobile Android device with TrueVUE® EXPRESS app* 

• Bluebird RFID Handheld Reader 

• Server hosted on Amazon Web Services cloud

• Web-portal

• RFID Tags/Labels System Overview A Bluebird mobile Android device — equipped with the TrueVUE® EXPRESS app — is connected to the handheld reader to count RFID-tagged merchandise, search stock and write new tags. The collected data is synchronized to the cloud server, keeping all retailer data safe over wireless connectivity. Each new device must be registered before it can be used with the app. To complete the process, the retailer simply scans a unique QR code to validate registration and assign each device to a specific store. Once complete, users can log in and access the main menu that displays the following options:

• Cycle Count verifies inventory levels in the backroom and on the sales floor. The inventory report is updated once the count is accepted. • Search helps store associates locate items that belong to a specific EAN or UPC to promote quick backroom-tosales floor replenishment.

• Scan-Write is the process of scanning a barcode and writing the EPC to a blank RFID label or tag for fast and efficient tracking.

• Synchronize is automatically triggered when a chosen process requires updated information.

Reporting TrueVUE® EXPRESS BackOffice establishes a link between store data, system administrators and store staff. This allows retailers to view inventory reports and operations performed by staff using the mobile app. Each store has its own BackOffice with inventory management data and reports related to that specific store. Central BackOffice is used to manage master data and configurations that are relevant to all stores of the same brand/customer.

Retailer Benefits

TrueVUE® EXPRESS software integrates with RFID hardware devices to deliver real-time metrics by store and across the enterprise to:

• Increase frequency and speed of inventory counts

• Quickly replenish on-floor merchandise to drive increased sales and reduce markdowns

• Redirect associates from operational tasks to enhancing the customer experience


• Out-of-the-box solution, no customization needed

• Import wizard captures master inventory file

• No fixed infrastructure, Wi-Fi synchronizes store data with server

• Compatible with Bluebird Handheld RFID Reader RFR900

• Compatible with Bluebird EF400 Touch Mobile Computer

Solution Set

TrueVUE EXPRESS subscription agreement

• QR code to register devices to store

• RFID tags and/or labels

Bluebird Handheld RFID Reader – Model RFR900 The RFR900 features an ergonomic pistol grip handle and incorporates Bluebird’s proprietary TankSmith™ technology for maximum reliability in tough environments. It features a 1.2 meter (4ft) drop specification and an IP54 rating to protect against water and dust.

Bluebird EF400 Touch Mobile Computer The EF400
 is a pocket-sized touch mobile computer with 4-inch display for maximum portability and easy grip. It is built for harsh environments with protection against water and dust and can withstand multiple drops from 1.8 meters (5.9ft).